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Greetings and Salutations.

This community is for people to post dragon themed icons.


~All icons/avatars (and friends only banners) made from art must be properly credited to the artist, and if you have it, please post a link to the artist's web site. Icons and banners made from personal art work and photographs are welcome, and in turn always give credit when using someone else's work.~

~How to give credit where it is due...
On your "Manage Userpics" page each userpic has a field for a keyword and a field for a comment.
In the "comment" field type, "art by [artist's name]" or "icon made by {lj user="username"}"
replacing {} with <>.

~If you are posting more then 4 icons/avatars, please place the rest behind a lj-cut. Banners larger then 300x400 should be behind a cut as well.~

~At least 3 icons need to be posted if you wish to re-direct link to another journal.~

~Please keep this community friendly for all ages~

~Please be kind and considerate of others, keep any less-then-pleasant comments to yourself. Helpful tips and constructive comments are always welcome.~

~Please stay on topic, don't advertise your auctions, that's not what this community is for.~

~Please make all icons 100x100 pixels, in other words, make them ready to use for livejournal.~

~No direct linking, or hot linking, of images. Please save to your own computer.~

~No memes or quizzes.~

Have fun, and be creative!